P: Would you consider taking part in a blind test where you had no idea whose chart you were reading? S: They do that at the conventions. They put up the chart of an anonymous criminal without revealing the outcome of the trial — it might turn out to be OJ or someone. You can have Uranus conjunct Mars in the 12th house, like OJ, which means he has a lot of trouble handling rage, but most people find a way of dealing with that. S: Yes. P: Where did your passion for astrology come from?

Were you good at geometry as a child? I was born with a very hard chart, lots of squares, and woke up from surgery at the age of 14 with a drop foot and my leg in a very tight cast.

A Day with Susan Miller (and Her Devotees)

I did wear heels eventually, but I have trouble with them now. S: My mother had learned through a correspondence class. She and her sister enrolled as a way to stay in touch when my mother left home in the Catskills to move to New York. Eventually I wrote a letter to Dell Horoscope magazine enquiring whether I would get better, and she saw it and finally agreed. I studied business at NYU, and it was years before I thought of astrology as a career. My first job was in the marketing department at Life magazine.

I also worked in advertising sales and was a photographic agent for a number of years. But my biggest talents were David Zimmerman and, before him, David Pruitt. S: No, my first column was for Beauty magazine in , which Cosmopolitan saw and then approached me to write for them in S: The magazine always seemed a little bordering on slutty.

And in any case, Helen Gurley Brown hated astrology. Save up the money. I was an agent, remember; I dealt with Coca-Cola. I always feel if I do a good job, the money will come. I was married 17 years, but my ex-husband was like my third child. P: How did your relationship with Apple come about? Is it true they own 30 per cent of Astrology Zone?

S: No one owns a penny of Astrology Zone! I have no idea how these rumours get started. They were in trouble at that time; the press was making fun of them.

The Get-Real Guide To Demystifying Astrology

P: Could astrological foresight be considered insider information, then? I did a progress chart, and it was awful, so I decided not to tell him. S: Oh, no. I have high hopes there.

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But I actually write on the couch, with the TV on in the background. I need the TV on all the time. Susan consults a professional calendar of planetary aspects to write her meticulously detailed horoscopes.

I have eight white pillows on my bed; I feel you can never have enough pillows. I wash my face of make-up at around 7. S: Often I read an amended script and think, I would never use that word. Some really bruise; I want softness and poetry and prefer to talk directly to one reader at a time.

Daily Horoscopes Archive - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Compare the two main American newscasters, for example. He was talking to Oprah last week and I had to pinch myself. S: Your Shelley von Strunckel is very intelligent. And I love Bob Marks. We love to discuss the phenomenon of Pluto—Uranus squares and their connection with world events.

Astrolger Susan Miller sits down with Astrologer Rachel Lang

P: Gosh. S: She was an Aries. Her first book, Sun Signs , had excellent timing. She also had different advice for a Pisces woman and a Pisces man. Why is that? P: You lost a few online friends last year when you were too ill to post your monthly horoscopes on time. Miller has built an empire from her "scarily accurate" predictions. She writes for a dozen magazines including Elle and Vogue Japan. She also is a best-selling author.

Her site Astrology Zone has six million visitors every month.


Business Insider : What is your typical day like? Miller: I tend to be up and working for about 20 hours a day. I am always writing horoscopes short and long, or working on my books. I also do television appearances.

Astrology News You Can Use

Miller: That it's totally crazy to use it to plan your life. There are so many things we don't understand in the world. What if years ago someone had said that these metal barrels in the sky would get us around the world in a few hours? Or that we'd inject ourselves with mold to treat illnesses? People are so skeptical. Miller: When I was 10, my mother told me that I was going to be a writer but that my biggest success would be in a new form that wasn't known to us yet.

When I had a meeting with AOL about the internet years later, I knew that this was what she had meant. They hired me and I began writing for them. Business Insider: What's one of the biggest predictions you made that came true? Miller: I saw that Apple was going to make it even when the company was flailing back in the late 's.